Raising Awareness

In the Beginning......

In a letter to the Secretary of State December 2009 Dr. Tanya Byron wrote:
"New technologies are integral to the lives of all children, young people and their parents. They inspire children to be creative, communicate and learn. It is essential that children and young people tap into the potential of the digital world if they are to enjoy their childhood and succeed in life. In educating children and young people we should empower them to learn how to use digital technology responsibly, not simply block what they can access. We must give them the information and skills they need to be digitally literate and savvy users. This enables them to take advantage of the opportunities that new technologies can offer, as well as being able to deal with any risks that arise."

How can we reduce the risks?
Schools need to take account of Ofsted recommendations as detailed in briefing for inspectors released in Sept 2012. These recommendations for schools include:

  • conducting an audit of the training needs of all staff and provide training
  • work closely with all families
  • use pupils’ and families’ views more often to develop e-safety strategies
  • manage the transition from locked down systems to more managed systems
  • provide an age-related, comprehensive curriculum for e-safety
  • work with partners and other providers
  • systematically review and develop e-safety procedures.