LATEST Cyberbullying Advice for headteachers & school staff

19th November 2014

New teacher-backed advice outlining how school staff can guard themselves against cyberbullying has been announced by Education Secretary Nicky Morgan today (17 November 2014). It sends a clear message that school staff deserve protection from online bullying in the same way that their pupils do.

Announced as part of Anti-Bullying Week, the advice will help keep teachers safe from online abuse. It encourages heads to get tough on bullying and support their staff facing abuse, as well as outlining a number of steps teachers can take to protect themselves online.

Reports suggest around 1 in 5 teachers have reported having derogatory comments posted about them on social media sites - including from both parents and children - highlighting the need for teachers to be supported further.

Education Secretary Nicky Morgan said:

We all know the dangers children face from online bullies, but we sometimes forget that teachers are not immune from abuse which impacts on them professionally and personally.

It’s vital that all our teachers feel able to do their jobs properly, including being able to take a firm stance on poor behaviour. To do that they need to know their school will take action against reprisals in the form of online harassment and abuse.

This new advice, backed by teachers, provides helpful tips and suggestions for teachers to help protect themselves online and encourages heads to get tough on the cyberbullying of their staff.