KCSiE 2019

2nd September 2019
The Government has now published the latest Keeping Children Safe in Education (September 2019) which takes effect from today.
The full guidance can be accessed by clicking here and, with regards to online safety, extends guidance on protecting children from 'peer on peer abuse' to include 'upskirting'.
In addition, recent changes (May 2019) to the 'Safer Working Practices' documentation offers clarification about the use of phones and devices in schools.  Section 12 states:

This means that adults should:

use only the equipment and internet services provided by the school or setting, unless school policies state otherwise

only use internet-enabled personal devices in line with school acceptable use policies

and goes on to say:

This means that education settings should:

• wherever possible, provide school devices such as cameras and mobile phones rather than expecting staff to use their own (e.g. on school trips)

This provides a good opportunity for schools to review the policies and procedures they have in place.