'Skin Gambling' - a ParentZone Report

28th June 2018
ParentZone have recently released a report into children's online gambling habits, drawing attention to the increased practice of 'skin gambling'.  
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Skin gambling is a relatively new phenomenon, where gamers are able to bet with virtual items called ‘skins’. Since 2015, gamers have been able to win or trade skins and gamble their collections on competitive video gaming matches, in casino-style sites or on games of chance.

 Winners can cash in their skins for real currency, and billions of pounds are currently spent in skin gambling sites internationally.

Following an investigation into the growth of skin gambling in young people, Parent Zone has published a report, Skin gambling: teenage Britain’s secret habitrevealing that 1 in 10 UK children aged 13-18 is betting online in casino and bookmaker-style sites.

Of all children aged 13-18 across the UK...

27% have heard of skin gambling (esports betting, mystery boxes, public pots or other skins betting).
10% have tried some form of skin gambling.
29% think it is a “very big” or “fairly big” problem.
Of those aged 13-17, 46% say they are able to access 18+ websites if they want.
Read the full report below...