Pokemon Danger - Beware

12th July 2016

Pokémon Go game leaves children 'susceptible to being hijacked'

There have been reports in the press this week about a new (to the UK) online Pokemon game and the potential risks to players. Some of the headlines are quite alarming, so it's definitely worth making yourself aware of the facts and the coverage and it may be that schools will want to alert parents before the long summer break. It's the next big thing for children in the online world and may take hold as pokemon cards did on the playground.

It may seem like scaremongering but parents and children need to be aware of the potential risks and to make a considered choice on this basis.

Some useful links are:


NSPCC Parents Guide

BBC “parents might also feel worried about their kids wandering, zombie-like, into areas of towns they wouldn't normally go.

The Telegraph “Pokémon Go’s advanced location technology could endanger children by making them easily accessible to criminals.”

  • “Fears building that the game could be used by paedophiles to lure children into remote areas”
  • “Children not looking as they cross the road and wandering away from their parents into hazardous locations where they may hurt themselves”

 The Times “it’s important for parents to stay aware of what their children are using online and talk to them about how to stay safe.”