Growing Up Digital: Report

5th January 2017

Growing up Digital

A report from the Children’s Commissioner

Anne Longfield, Children’s Commissioner for England today published the Growing Up Digital report which explores how well children are prepared to engage with the internet. The report highlights the importance of empowering children to use technology safely, responsibly and positively.
Growing Up Digital found that
  1. When children use social media they sign up to terms and conditions that they do not understand.
  2. Recommends giving children more power to tackle social media companies by appointing a digital ombudsman to mediate between them over the removal of content.
  3. Also recommends that every child in the country studies digital citizenship to build online resilience, learn about their rights and responsibilities online and prepare them for their digital lives.
The Safer Internet Centre highlights a range of free resources to enable educators to deliver effective education with children and their parents/carers, as well as providing support if things go wrong.
  • Safer Internet Day is taking place on 7th February and there are free educational resources to help schools equip children and parents/carers with the skills and resilisnce they need to make the most of technology
  • Professionals Online Safety Helpline provides tailored support to professionals working with children about any online safety issue and works directly with a number of industry partners to resolve more complex issues.
  • Cyberbullying guidance and practical PSHE Toolkit: new resources to support schools develop effective strategies to understand, prevent and respond to cyberbullying.