Concern over Facebook Editing Function

15th October 2013

'A new feature allowing Facebook users to edit their status updates may result in "stitch-ups", an expert has warned. Previously, an update would have to be deleted and reposted with any changes, losing any comments or "likes". But the new capability, introduced to help users correct spelling and grammatical errors, means posts can be modified, and their content changed.

Facebook users who liked or interacted with the original post are not notified of any changes made. A spokesman for Facebook explained that the update was intended to help people address typos or auto-correct errors, but wouldn't comment on the potential vulnerabilities.

The capability to edit posts is already available on rival social networks, and Facebook has allowed its users to edit photo updates and their comments on other people's updates for some months.
'Real concerns'

However the lack of notifications means that users who may have liked an innocuous post, such as "I love my cat", could find their name beside a post which says something entirely different, or even offensive'.

For more information from this BBC report see HERE